What I Do

Eligio Stephen Gallegos, Ph.D, is one of the world’s foremost experts on the deep imagination. Introducing people to their own inner animals and the rediscovery of the wisdom of the imagination, has been his path in life. For over 30 years, he has taught people how to access their wholeness through developing a relationship with their deep imagination. Steve discovered and developed the Personal Totem Pole Process© as a way of meeting the inner animals and beings of the deep imagination.

Through his books and writings, he has explored the healing aspects of the work and attempted to restore balance between our ways of knowing.

At present he is primarily engaged in training people, including therapists, artists, teachers and individuals interested in personal growth in deep imagery and The Personal Totem Pole Process. He leads trainings and workshops worldwide in the use of Deep Imagery for personal growth and use in psychotherapy. Steve currently mainly works in various countries in Europe:Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, German and Switzerland on a regular basis. He also travels to other countries more occasionally and by invitation.