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This year, 2020, I will be one of the instructors in the Distance Learning Deep Imagery Program, run by my wife, Mary Diggin. The training will begin in Fall 2020.

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Most of my work takes place in Europe. I do not have any work scheduled in the USA this year but other skilled practitioners have. visit for lists of USA-based practitioners.

I am no longer training people myself, but have approved some wonderfully skilled trainers. If you are interested in training in Deep Imagery, check on for a list of trainers.  Consider the Distance Learning program run by my wife,  Mary Diggin, Ph.D.


If you want to inquire about attending one of my workshops, please check with the appropriate organizer. An additional list of organizer contact information, organized by country, is available from this page:

If you would like to ask me to lead a workshop or other event, then please contact me

Often my events are posted on Facebook, with a bit more detail than here. Visit:

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You can also find other Imagery events on Deep Imagery’s facebook page: