Schedule 2018


Date Location Topic Organizer
February 10-11 Denmark Workshop Mia Vasby
 February 19, 6PM – February 23, lunch  Switzerland  Workshop: Dynamic Integration of the divided body  Rosa Kolmar
March 3-4 Blokhus, Denmark Centered Change Closed workshop
March 7-11 Denmark Art and Journey Kamilla Baagø
March 17-18 Gentofte, Denmark Workshop Growing beyond your limiting boundaries Kaare Claudewitz
 March 21-25     Denmark  Intensive  Four (or more) Ways of Knowing   Mia Vasby
April 9-14 Greenhouse Gang Closed workshop
June 5-9 Kalymnos, Greece Centered Change Closed workshop
June 14-17  Vienna Vienna, Austria  Intensive   Becoming Present: Growing Bigger than your Parents    Alexandra Reisinger
June 21-24 Czech Republic, Lovětín Intensive: The Layering of the Stories of who you are z Čech Marta Anna Petrášová,, +420 774 256 713 ze Slovenska Zuzana Freyja,, +421 905 456 210
August 11-12 Konstanz, Germany Workshop Rosa Kolmar
 August 22-26  Denmark  Intensive  Mia Vasby
 August 31, September 1-2 Bratislava, Slovakia  workshop: Finding the doorway to your own deep creativity  Zuzana Mesarosova
September 8-13 Pfaffing, Germany Workshop Leader Training
September 15-16 Vienna, Austria Workshop  Turning Injuries into Strengths  Alexandra Reisinger
 September 18, 6PM – September 23. lunch Pfaffing, Germany  Intensive
September 26-October 1 Greenhouse Gang Closed workshop
October 3-7 Denmark Art and Journey Kamilla Baagø
 October 11-15  Gut Frohberg, Germany  Annual Festival of the Animals  visit for details
October 20-21 Skive, Denmark Workshop: Love and Healing Tine Magill
October 27-28 Blokhus, Denmark Centered Change Closed workshop
November 3-7 Horn, Germany Intensive Rosa Kolmar
November 16-18 Prague, Czech Republic Workshop, Accepting Yourself by Healing your Divisions Maitrea
December 8-9 Copenhagen, Denmark Workshop Mia Vasby

Most of my work takes place in Europe. I do not have any work scheduled in the USA this year but other skilled practitioners have. visit for lists of USA-based practitioners.

If you are interested in a training and there is no residential training convenient to you, you might consider the Distance Learning program run by my wife,  Mary Diggin, PhD.

If you want to inquire about attending one of my workshops, please check with the appropriate organizer. An additional list of organizer contact information, organized by country, is available from this page:

If you would like to ask me to lead a workshop or other event, then please contact me

Often my events are posted on Facebook, with a bit more detail than here. Visit:

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