… One thing is certain. We must grow beyond the tight grip that thinking and language have had on us. Thinking and language are but one way of knowing, and we have to learn that other ways of knowing are at least of equal value. Thinking and language have to learn that it is but one window on reality, and that it must grow into partnership and participation with the other ways of knowing. The true value of thinking and language needs to be acknowledged but it must not be allowed to place its own structure in a binding manner on the other ways of knowing especially when it has never bothered to explore and fully understand those other ways of knowing!

So thinking and language must go on a journey, on a vision quest, not on a language quest; must explore beyond itself, into realms unthought of, into chambers for which there is and never will be a description, yet domains that do exist and are a part of this awesome Universe, dimensions that we carry within our being and beyond our body. The body is a great gift, just as the maternal womb was an awesome place of beginning. But it is not a destination; it is a passageway. And a passageway wherein we are to develop certain potentials, and for these potentials to develop our own participation is paramount. While in the maternal womb we were primarily passive. In the body womb we need to be much more deliberately active.