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While I have paused in-person workshops during the COVID-19 pandemic, I am doing some online events. Check out the Festival of the Animals, Jan 29-31, 2021:

If you are interested in training with me, consider joining the Online training my wife, Mary Diggin, Ph.D has developed and in which I now teach. Visit for details.


Given the current pandemic, I have not prepared a schedule yet. I will add information here as time goes by.

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January 30, 2021

14:30-16:30 CET

Festival of the Animals

Das Tier Deiner Evolution / The Animal of Your Evolution


In a very short time you have grown from a single cell into a beautifully complex and intelligent being. And your growing involves changes that are only yours. Your uniqueness is essential and is called ‘evolution’. If you had not evolved you would still be a single cell.

In this workshop we will journey to the animal that knows what state your evolution is at right now. We will ask this animal to help you to embrace the next step in evolving into the unique being that you are becoming.

As you evolve the world evolves.

July 15, 2021

00.00 MST
Apply for Deep Imagery Training
Apply for Deep Imagery Training
With Steve Gallegos, Ph.D. and Mary Diggin, Ph.D.
Apply for the Deep Imagery Training
It is the revitalization of the human soul from within that is the real goal of [this] approach. ~ Stephen Larsen (author of the Mythic Imagination) writing on the Personal Totem Pole Process® in the introduction to Animals of the Four Windows by E.S. Gallegos Venue: Your own home- an Online training Tuition: $1800 per year; An Experiential, Process oriented Training, in a small intimate group, with highly skilled teachers. There is room for you! Your process, at your pace, held lovingly by your human companions and your inner guides. This is an opportunity to engage your deep aliveness, to gift yourself with healing as deeply as you can by engaging with the numerous possibilities offered through the journeys. Go deep into yourself, deeper than thought, deeper than most words can capture and find the things that make you, you, and that will sustain you, no matter what happens. It is never about “other people” or groups, but about you, yourself and your healing, your process, your growing, fully supported. We are in a time of great unknowns and shifting commitments. This is the fourth year a fully online, distance learning training in Deep Imagery has been offered. We hope you can join us! Inner Guides ~ Ways of Knowing ~ Dream Journeys ~ Relationship work To be a successful deep imagery guide, we must become familiar with the realm of the deep imagination and trust our own inner imagery guides. We need to become skilled at guiding without intruding, of holding space with clarity, with giving direction without distracting the journeyer. Training in the Personal Totem Pole process is thus highly experiential, allow­ing participants to plunge deeply into their own process, in order to familiar­ize themselves with the workings of the deep imagination. The training holds that the foundation for any therapist is his or her own inner growth. One can only guide where one has gone before so the training requires a depth of com­mitment to one’s own growing, an openness to change, a curiosity about one’s own process and a willingness to experience whatever needs to happen for one’s own healing. The trainee is not merely taught a number of techniques but has an opportunity to undertake his/her own inner work which insures that their eventual ability with the Personal Totem Pole process emanates from deep per­sonal experience.

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The best way to keep up with my workshops and events right now, is to follow my event page on FaceBook.






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