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Dreams: Doorways to your Deeper Aliveness

What: A series of Dream & Deep Imagery workshops
When: 8AM Mountain (4pm Central European time). Most Sundays in 2022.
Where: Zoom. You will be sent a link once you register.
Register here:
Fee: $100

Maximum number of attendees is 10


Dreams, however mysterious or obvious are an invitation for us too grow more deeply into our true being. If we follow dreams with the assistance of a guide from the deep imagination we find that the dream is in fact a road to our deeper aliveness and our greater wholeness. We are often distracted because we want to ‘interpret’ the dream, to discover what the dream means, or to understand its symbolism. A dream is in fact a doorway into a deeper aliveness, a fuller awareness, and a greater sense of presence.
I am establishing a series of workshops in deep imagery where we will work with dreams, learning how to interact with the subtle guidance, how to enter the doorways and follow the passageways that are presented to us, and how to grow and mature as a result of this remarkable experience. A dream draws us deeper into who we truly are. It is a summons from our deeper more ancient dimensions calling us to fill out our wiser and more mature nature, and enabling us to live a richer and more creative aliveness. A dream knows where the gaps are in our wholeness and can lead us to the richness that is our rightful heritage.
The first workshop will meet Sunday, March 20, 2022 at 8 AM my time (Mountain Central time in the US or 4 in the afternoon European time) and will meet for about two to four hours. 2 hours minimum. Participants can leave as they need after 2 hours.

Subsequent workshops will take place on most Sunday through 2022 at 8 AM Mountain Central Time or 4 PM European time. You can sign up for each workshop individually.

Attendance is limited to 10 people per workshop, and the price is $100 per person per workshop. Upon receipt of payment you will be sent a Zoom connection.
If you need more information please contact Steve at





Previous participants have had the following things to say about the workshop:

Steven Gallegos is a gifted master and guide who will help you unearth the essence of what is calling from the other, wild side through your dreams. He asks questions that will move your soul and help allow for deep healing. Gift yourself to the dream workshops and the time to connect with your inner truth and guides. JC

Attending some of Steve’s dream workshops has brought me to encounter very deep places within myself. It has not only deepened my deep imagery experience, it has also been a tremendous gift on my healing path. I am very impressed about the profound and magical space that Steve creates here, guiding everyones journey with so much wisdom and loving kindness. MJ

The dream workshops have been a wonderful experience for me. Over years, I had a certain unpleasant dream always with the same underlaying topic in different variations. All my attempts to get to the ground of it or get rid of it, failed. In the dream workshop Steve guided us, in his wonderful way, into our inner world of deep imagery and there, guides showed up taking us deep inside, helping with a wisdom far beyond any thing our minds could think off. And suddenly a dream that was for me always unpleasant and hair-raising changed into a experience of wonder, growing and healing. Dear Steve, thank you so much for sharing how to get into my deep imagery world and helping to see all the miracles there. BR

… experience was priceless! A safe, intimate space with so much support to reveal parts of myself that needed my soft loving attention. SH

I have been a participant in your workshops before, but this Dream Workshop
was fantastic! At first it seemed easy, almost ”simple”, but the longer we worked it was a deep psychological work with emotions and relations, for the participants.
Giving a developement as a therapist, but also as a human being. So powerful and strong! CE

Most Sundays 2022

16:00-18:00/20:00 CET

What: A series of 5 Deep Imagery workshops
When: 2 to 5 PM (Central European time). Beginning January 8, and running every other Saturday until March 5, 2022.
Where: Zoom. You will be sent a link once you register.
Register here:
Fee: $1000

January 8, 2022
January 22,2022
February 5, 2022
February 19, 2022
March 5, 2022

You must register for all five Saturdays.

Maximum number of attendees is 12


We don’t know where aliveness came from nor why. But we do know that without it we would not even exist. We would not know anything nor would we grow and develop and mature. We may speculate about it and develop stories and philosophies and religions, but those are just Thinking’s attempt to reach out into the Unknown. Without aliveness there would not even be a reaching out. It is our beginning point and it is also an unbelievable gift. We carry it as best we can during our various stages of growth and development but it remains a mystery, and perhaps it always will. What we do know is that sometimes we have more aliveness and sometimes less. And we recognize different parts of it at different times and under various conditions. Sometimes it seems to be under the control of thinking and sometimes under the control of feeling and emotion.

If we visit our Deep Imagination we can learn about it and discover pathways to it and through it. And we can discover and uncover ways in which some of it may have been hidden or buried. In this series of five workshops we will explore different ways that aliveness has been disconnected, and that sometimes, very simply, it can be invited back into a greater wholeness.

These are some of the potential topics we may explore:

1. How is aliveness related to our words and language? Can it be enhanced or diminished by the words we use? Are those our words or have we been trained to use them by our parents, schools, and culture?

2. Have there been specific events in our lives that have modified our aliveness? Have the modifications been beneficial or detrimental? How can these modifications be brought back into balance?

3. Have we learned particular maps about who we are that have limited our aliveness? Do we carry maps of particular people, e.g. our parents? And do we react to the map or can we really see the person?

4. Have you learned certain tactics that limit your aliveness and that shunt it from one place to another in you rather than respecting its direct expression? For example, when you are annoyed do you act particularly nice instead of just saying ‘I’m annoyed”?

5. Were there events in your life that closed the door to recognizing some elements of your aliveness?

6. How is ‘knowing’ related to your aliveness?

7. Do you respect your aliveness or have you learned to disrespect it?

8. Do you trust your aliveness?

9. Did some part of your aliveness have to hide in order to survive? Is this part ready to present itself to the rest of your aliveness now? How is it treated? Is to ready to become a part of the rest of your alivenesses now?

10. What is the current path that leads you most directly to your aliveness?

11. Can you recognize the uniqueness of your own aliveness? Can you express your appreciation to it?

12. Where are the seeds of your aliveness that have not yet sprouted? What do they need from you in order to sprout and be nurtured in their growing?

13. How do you relate to the aliveness of other people? Of other animals?

The goal of the workshops is not necessarily to make us powerful but to bring us into harmony. Aliveness in its full and harmonious state blossoms into its own natural creativity. And that is the true gift that we can bring to the evolution of our presence here.

Register Here:

January 8, 2022

14:00-17:00 CET


Online Conference Interview

Conference Interview
My interview for the Welten Wanderer gemeinsam heilsam Conference is available to stream over the weekend of February 21/22, 2022.

In English with translation to German.

It will stream from 6PM CET/10am Mountain on Feb 19, 2022 until 6PM CET/10am Mountain on Monday, Feb. 21.
Sa 19. Februar from 18 Uhr/6pm (German time= UTC/GMT +1) for 24 hours and
Su 20. Februar from 18 Uhr/6pm (German time= UTC/GMT +1) for 24 hours
During Conference:

And available afterwards via this link:…/36562/esgallegos/CAMPAIGNKEY


Video Clips:


February 19-20, 2022

10.00 MT

Interview with Corinna Veit

Apply for Deep Imagery Training

With Steve Gallegos, Ph.D. and Mary Diggin, Ph.D.

Apply for the Deep Imagery Training

It is the revitalization of the human soul from within that is the real goal of [this] approach.
~ Stephen Larsen (author of the Mythic Imagination) writing on the Personal Totem Pole Process® in the introduction to Animals of the Four Windows by E.S. Gallegos

Venue: Your own home- an Online training
Tuition: $1800 per year;

An Experiential, Process oriented Training, in a small intimate group, with highly skilled teachers. There is room for you! Your process, at your pace, held lovingly by your human companions and your inner guides. This is an opportunity to engage your deep aliveness, to gift yourself with healing as deeply as you can by engaging with the numerous possibilities offered through the journeys. Go deep into yourself, deeper than thought, deeper than most words can capture and find the things that make you, you, and that will sustain you, no matter what happens. It is never about “other people” or groups, but about you, yourself and your healing, your process, your growing, fully supported.

We are in a time of great unknowns and shifting commitments. This is the fourth year a fully online, distance learning training in Deep Imagery has been offered. We hope you can join us!

Inner Guides ~ Ways of Knowing ~ Dream Journeys ~ Relationship work

To be a successful deep imagery guide, we must become familiar with the realm of the deep imagination and trust our own inner imagery guides. We need to become skilled at guiding without intruding, of holding space with clarity, with giving direction without distracting the journeyer.

Training in the Personal Totem Pole process is thus highly experiential, allow­ing participants to plunge deeply into their own process, in order to familiar­ize themselves with the workings of the deep imagination. The training holds that the foundation for any therapist is his or her own inner growth. One can only guide where one has gone before so the training requires a depth of com­mitment to one’s own growing, an openness to change, a curiosity about one’s own process and a willingness to experience whatever needs to happen for one’s own healing.

The trainee is not merely taught a number of techniques but has an opportunity to undertake his/her own inner work which insures that their eventual ability with the Personal Totem Pole process emanates from deep per­sonal experience.

Offered Annually. 

00.00 MST
Apply for Deep Imagery Training

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The best way to keep up with my workshops and events right now, is to follow my event page on FaceBook.






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