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“Deep imagery is a dimension with its own integrity, and although we may try to control it and manipulate it the way we have learned to do with the sensed world, we must remember that it itself is fully alive, that it has its own inherent intelligence, and that it is deeply organic, touching closely those places from which our very being springs .”

– E.S. Gallegos, Animals of the Four Windows, 21


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Eligio Stephen Gallegos, Ph.D, discovered the Personal Totem Pole Process© and at present is primarily engaged in training people, including therapists, artists, teachers and individuals interested in personal growth in The Personal Totem Pole Process© and gives workshops in the use of Deep Imagery in growth and psychotherapy in various countries in Europe: Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany and Switzerland on a regular basis. He also travels to other countries more occasionally and by invitation.



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